Anita Püspök (Budapest, 16 Feb 1972)

professional artist, painter

Mission: Calm and inspiring abstract lyrical landscapes, depth and distance,blooms, lights and harmonies in your home.

I grew up in Budapest city center, where the art was came over in my youth. I studied in many art schools, and I graduated from the University Arts Faculty Painting and Graphics  Department, then from University Metropolitan Design and Arts Management MA.

Since 1992, I have been participating in individual and group exhibitions, in my country and abroad.

My life and work is painting, in during which I looking for the most beautiful sound in the relationship between nature and spirit. Modern deep-lyrical abstract artworks are born, with the realistic elements and sensual color-game, what weave through gestures. I live and work in the Valley of Art, Kapolcs (Hungary), since 2010. Inspirational to me the landscape, the nature, the waters, the lights, and my favorite musics during my art working.

My artworks are owned by many collectors, galleries, and those are decorating homes.


2017- 2019. Budapest Metropolitan University – Design and Arts Management MASTER Degree

2008-2011.  Diploma: ELTE-SEK Faculty of Arts / Painting-Graphics

2013-2014.  Complex Art Therapy accredited teacher training

2005-2006.  Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts – Regional Talent Research Program

2006-2007.  SZIE Faculty of Architecture 2000-2001.

1993-1994.  Designer and Decorator Vocational School

Art awards:

2009. Art Association Pilis Radnoti competition

2009. KIEM main prize Radnoti competition

2009. Panton’s main prize „Beauty in Man”

2009. Jozsef Attila Art Center – First 100

2014. Goldsmith Arts Association Main prize

2017. Amadeus Art Awards Unilever


At La Galleria and The Royal Arcade Gallery LONDON / The Royal Arts Prize 2020

20th – 29th February 2020. 

Light painting Kapolcs 22 juli 2019



Amsterdam International Art Fair Catalogue / p.26:

Globalartagency_AIAF 2019_catalogue_final


Püspök Anita művész riport


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